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  • Put a few drops in a natural oil or a mild body cream and massage the part where you have pain.Recommended for: colic, diarrhea cornea stomach pain, varicose veins, blood circulation, calm anxiety

  • Recommended for: relaxation and soothing, improve memory, ward off negative, antiviral and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduce pain  Put a few drops in a natural oil or a soft body cream.

  • asthenia, bloating, bronchitis, colitis, colitis, constipation, abdominal cramps, infectious diarrhea, difficult digestion, fatigue, frigidity, flu, impotence, intestinal infection, colds, drowsiness, warts

  • Fighting dandruff and restoring the balance of the scalp are the main actions of cade oil for hair. The latter will also restore their shine and brilliance. A few drops of cade oil in the shampoo or diluted in the rinse water will help calm itching.

  • Recommended for Cellulite, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, heavy legs, water retention, varicose veins...: dilute a few drops in vegetable oil to massage the legs from bottom to top.

  • Against stress, insomnia, spasms, digestive disorders . Natural relaxant .

  • 100% pure lavender essential oil. For external use only, intended for aromatherapy. Sold in lots of 25 pieces. Warning, this product does not replace a prescription. Ask your doctor in case of doubt.