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Our site is reserved for resellers and wholesalers in the sale of items presented on our sites, other activities will not be accepted, the protection of our reseller customers is important to us.
Prices will only be visible when you are accepted *After verification of your details within 24/48 hours, you will be accepted as a customer and you will have the opportunity to place an order.                                                                                                                                  

Terms and Conditions

*For customers in Europe: you must have an intra-community VAT number.
*For the French: you must have an intra-community VAT number OR a Siret if you are a self-employed reseller.
* For customers outside Europe: you must own a company or store, or be a "wholesaler selling in quantity". For faster registration authorization, you can send us your documents of your activity issued and sealed by your country.
 *To register, click on "My account" at the top right of the page


* Amount of order: Minimum 300 € HTVA !! mix of various items throughout the web shop

* For all orders only of Novena candles Outside Belgium the minimum will be 20 boxes (mixing of colors and images is granted)

* Minimum order amount: Minimum 1500 € HTVA !! Outside Europe - Dom Tom

 We do not produce a paper catalogue because of our extensive range and new products every week.

We deliver worldwide, we are specialized in exporting, delivery times will be confirmed during the shipping price.

You can also have your order picked up with your carrier.
Ordering procedure

    Put your items in the basket, minimum quantities will be required
    Validate your quote                                                                                                                                 
     After checking the transport offers, the quotation will be transformed into an order with the best current transport price (beware, transport prices may change after 72 hours of delay in final purchase confirmation. The customer is satisfied with the total amount of the order, he will have received the bank details and can make his payment by bank transfer. Do not forget to write the order reference in communication. (These are letters)

Due to our large stock variations your order must be settled within 7 days, if the payment is not closed we will cancel your order.

        The customer can also pay by credit card but additional fees will be charged depending on the country.
        Credit Cards - VISA-AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL Payment + 3.4%.
        As soon as the balance of the order is received, it will be processed within 24/48 hours. It can happen that we have too many orders, at this time you will be informed of the preparation dates.
        For orders with specific manufacture and realization, the deadlines may be longer according to the schedule.

    We manufacture for our customers unique religious articles with sophisticated designs and on demand, specific models (with a minimum quantity).

    Maison Halleux SPRL
    Rue de l'Esplanade 45
    4141 Banneux N.D

    Phone +32(0)4/360 85 36


    If you cannot buy for the amount requested order from www.religieux-saintchristophe.com
    Your registration has been refused, we advise you to place an order through one of our other web shops
    Discounts will be granted according to the quantities ordered.